Everyone loves to buy.

Many times we also buy things we don’t really need.

A lot of people really enjoy the shopping experience.

That they can make their lives better with anything.


I am Zsuzsa Berecz, the owner of Somethingbuy, and I have been involved in online trading for 10 years.

I really understand how to buy something that makes you feel better.

What might you need for this? Maybe a home device?

Maybe a useful game for your child?

Maybe you want to buy something to develop your creativity?


I know all about what is important to my customer.

For me, over the last 10 years, the most important thing has been to be there in the lives of all my customers, so that I has brought a little happiness into their lives.


When you come in to my website you will find anything that can make your life better.

But not the most important thing is that you're somethingbuy here.

More importantly, I’m always here in the background when you need me.

Want to buy an electrical device and don't know how to use it?

I support you!

You fell in love with a dress and you don't know the size is good?

I support you!


What makes me and Somethinbuy feel special about life is that here you are here!?

You are here and you are not just a customer here!

You are the man here who can not only buy something but buy it you can, buy yourself!



I am proud to have built my own clothing brand its called Pluseveningdress during this time. You can also find this here at in somethingbuy.co.uk website.


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Ten answers as to Why Choose Us?!


  • Over 10 years trading experience
  • Affordable prices
  • You will find everything you need in one place with us
  • 0-24 Background support
  • Easy returns
  • Order status tracking
  • Next day delivery
  • Easy navigation
  • One page checkout
  • More payment options